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Imire Wildlife & Rhino Conservation

Updated: May 16

Rhino in the jungle of Zimbabwe

If you want to see rhinos, elephants, giraffes, zebras walking 10-15 meters from you, eat delicious meals prepared by master class chefs and sleep in astounding surrounding, don't look for other location. THIS IS THE PLACE

Imire is dedicated to protecting wildlife and strongly believe that rural communities and conservation programmes can successfully thrive side by side, working together to ensure the protection of our natural heritage. Our vision at Imire is to enhance the relationships between tourism, conservation programmes and community areas through long-term, sustainable environmental management and positive community projects.

Imire creates awareness internationally of the wildlife and poaching crisis which threatens Zimbabwe and Africa, and the obstacles faced by local communities and conservation organisations. The biggest threats to the animals protected at Imire, and regionally are poaching and human overpopulation. Poaching is driven by demand for ivory and rhino horn in foreign countries, and fueled by poverty and lack of education on the ground. To protect the rhino and all wildlife, we believe we need to empower local communities.

We help local and international guests and volunteers see what they can achieve with contributions of their time, ideas, financial assistance and enthusiasm. Imire’s ultimate goal is to prove that our endangered species can be protected through a unified, holistic approach to conservation.

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