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Exploring Zimbabwe's Natural Treasures: The Best National Parks to Visit

Updated: May 16

wild animals during Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, with its diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife, boasts some of Africa's most spectacular national parks. From vast savannas to rugged mountains and lush forests, each park offers a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and biodiversity of this remarkable country. Here are the top national parks in Zimbabwe that every nature enthusiast should add to their bucket list:

1. Hwange National Park

Covering an area of over 14,600 square kilometers, Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's largest game reserve and one of Africa's premier safari destinations. Renowned for its dense population of elephants, estimated to be over 40,000, Hwange offers exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities. Visitors can also spot a variety of other species, including lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffes, and numerous bird species. The park's diverse habitats, ranging from grassy plains to woodland and seasonal pans, make it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike.

2. Mana Pools National Park

Situated along the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, Mana Pools National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife. The park's name, "Mana," means "four" in the local Shona language, referring to the four large pools formed by the meandering river. Mana Pools is famous for its walking safaris, allowing visitors to explore the park on foot and get up close to wildlife in their natural habitat. Canoeing along the Zambezi River offers a unique perspective, with opportunities to encounter hippos, crocodiles, and a wealth of birdlife.

3. Matobo National Park

Nestled in the rugged Matobo Hills, Matobo National Park is a landscape of ancient granite outcrops, balancing rocks, and sacred sites. This unique park is home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including rhinoceros, leopards, and a profusion of bird species. Visitors to Matobo can explore the park's fascinating rock formations, some of which are adorned with ancient San rock art dating back thousands of years. The park also offers excellent hiking and rock climbing opportunities, with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

4. Gonarezhou National Park

Located in the southeastern corner of Zimbabwe, Gonarezhou National Park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, which spans across Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique. Gonarezhou, meaning "Place of Elephants" in the local Shona language, is renowned for its rugged beauty, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife. The park is home to large herds of elephants, as well as lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and numerous antelope species. Visitors can explore the park's pristine wilderness on game drives, guided walks, and wilderness trails, immersing themselves in the natural splendor of this remote and untouched wilderness.

5. Chimanimani National Park

Tucked away in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, Chimanimani National Park is a hidden gem known for its stunning scenery, towering peaks, and lush forests. The park is a paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, with a network of scenic trails leading to waterfalls, rock pools, and panoramic viewpoints. Chimanimani is also home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including rare orchids, endemic bird species, and elusive samango monkeys. Visitors can explore the park's pristine wilderness on guided hikes or multi-day treks, immersing themselves in the tranquility and beauty of this remote mountain paradise.


Zimbabwe's national parks offer a wealth of opportunities for wildlife viewing, outdoor adventure, and cultural exploration. Whether you're seeking close encounters with elephants in Hwange, canoeing along the Zambezi in Mana Pools, or hiking through the ancient landscapes of Matobo, each park promises an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, lace up your boots, and get ready to explore the natural treasures of Zimbabwe's national parks. Your African adventure awaits!

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